needlepoint stitch samples, hand dyed embroidery threadAnother variation in my ongoing needlepoint stitch samples series.  I thought it was time for a bit of blue.  The blue I’ve used is a size 5 perle cotton, colour #175 which is a light to medium value blend of blues.  The four corners were stitched in a scotch stitch using size 5 perle cotton, colour #164 which provides a great accent.  The continental outer border, inner border and inner corners were all stitched in a solid dark blue for contrast.  The central star area accent is stitched with a size 5 perle, colour #121.  If I were to stitch this again I would use a colour combination that contrasted more than the #121, perhaps a solid apricot or orange blend.  You could also repeat the colour #164 too.  Lots of variations!

As much as I’ve enjoyed creating these small needlepoint stitch samples, I think it may be time to move onto perhaps a larger project.

I have LOTS of ideas but am thinking I should custom dye a palette SO looks as if I will be spending some time in the dye studio…  Now if I could just decide on what pattern to begin – oh the choices….

Have a great weekend!


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