crazy quilting, silk ribbon embroideryProgress continues on my medium dusty crazy quilting project.   I’ve mentioned previously that I find crazy quilting is a fabulous surface for so many different forms of embroidery.  This is a small section where I had various seams meet.  I added a silk ribbon embroidered flower using 7mm hand dyed silk ribbon with scattered leaves.  Once completed I stitched a feather stitch using a very fine metallic machine thread with small French knot flowers.  The center of the flower is various sizes of French knots stitched using a silk perle.

In the upper right is a small section of a seam stitched with a double herringbone.  I added French knots in the diamonds that were formed and completed with straight stitches using a very fine metallic machine thread.

I now have about six blocks completed with likely another at least three if not six to go.  I’m still deciding on the size.  That’s it for today, more on Friday.

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