flat ribbon, hand dyed embroidery threadI am excited to introduce my new FLAT RIBBON!  Flat ribbon is a knitted rayon viscose which is approximately 1.5 mm (.06 inches) in width so narrow.  It is a 4 ply tubular chainette ribbon yarn.  It is versatile, works well with a laying tool for canvas work and is stronger so holds up well with minimal fraying.  Let me show you……

flat ribbon, viscose flat ribbonWhen I mention NEW, I don’t believe you will see this product in the North American market so NEW!  As it is knitted it is “stretchy”.  I mentioned above that it works beautifully with a laying tool in canvas work.  Here is an example.flat ribbon, viscose flat ribbonThis sample is stitched on 18 count mono canvas.  I’ve used the flat ribbon along with some sparkle chainette and silk perle.  Now, how about some crazy quilting…..

viscose flat ribbonI used a larger chenille needle for the FLAT RIBBON which works well.  The background is a brocade on the bottom and crinkled polyester on the top.  Detached chain on the top and straight stitches further embellished with a bead on the bottom.  I’ve added a bit of sparkle chainette and a brad.  Yes, a brad as in scrapbooking brads – they work very well 🙂

Just a quick note.  My flat ribbon is a similar structure to my tubular viscose ribbon BUT it is narrower and although the same tubular structure it cannot be threaded with another thread for gathering techniques.  YES, I did try but it is simply too narrow..

Have a great weekend and I’ll show more examples of my flat ribbon next week so stay tuned 🙂

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