hand dyed viscose flat ribbonI have a few more samples to share of my new FLAT RIBBON.  The above sample is stitched on 18 count mono canvas using colour #4.  I have highlighted with single stitches using Kreinik size 8 braid in a teal.  You can see how beautifully the flat ribbon appears.  Yes, I did use a laying tool.
hand dyed viscose flat ribbonThis example shows an easy lacing technique for a crazy quilt seam treatment using silk tacking stitches then lacing with the flat ribbon.  And finally,

viscose flat ribbon, hand dyed embroidery threadsI thought it would be a good idea to show the viscose tubular ribbon I stock in the shop next to the new flat ribbon.  This is colour #12.  They are identical in structure (both knitted chainettes), both are viscose BUT there is a significant difference in the width.  The tubular has a hollow core which means you can thread it creating gathered effects.   The flat ribbon lays flat and cannot be threaded.  In coming weeks I will be sharing more samples using the flat ribbon to give you some ideas. 🙂  You may see all of my colour combinations of flat ribbon in the shop.

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