crazy quilting, embroidery threadI’m completing this week with updating you on my crazy quilting progress.  This is another small area of my medium dusty crazy quilt.  Instead of showing blocks as I did in my dark dusty crazy quilt last year, I decided to show smaller embellished areas – just for something a bit different.    The upper right seam treatment is a herringbone stitched using a silk thread with an added detached chain and accented with a bead.  The upper left seam treatment are half circles created with 6 strands of floss couched in place.  This is further enhanced with two small pistil stitches using a silk perle and a center pistil stitch using a rayon ribbon, something similar to Neon Rays.

In the past I’ve seen many crazy quilters highlight background fabrics either by stitching a motif in the fabric or further embellishing a pattern.  In this example I have used the background fabric with small leaves and stems.  I used stem stitching to outline the stems already in the pattern with a size 8 perle cotton and adding sequin flowers stitched in place with a bead.  I just love these sequins but sadly I don’t remember my source.  Hopefully I may have given you some ideas 🙂

Happy Mother’s Day this weekend!  Any of my customers – I’d love to have some photos of projects using my threads PLEASE!!!

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