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This week (YES, ALL week) I am going to focus on GREEN in my needlepoint stitch samples series.  Green is rather timely since it is St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow (no, I’m not Irish!)  For those of you new to the series, you can read about it here and you can find all the needlepoint stitch samples posts under categories in the right sidebar.

I decided I needed to offer more variety of greens in the shop recently so I spent several days dyeing just greens.  In my opinion, one can never have enough greens in your stash.  They come in very handy for all those leaves and stems.

I used a portion of a pattern I found online.  Many of you who do needlepoint will be familiar with Laura J. Perin.  Several years ago she offered a series on her blog entitled Mini Mystery Monday.  These are a series of small (4×4) designs.  Since I didn’t want to do very large samples I focused on the center section of this design and decided to stitch all the samples I’ll be sharing in the same pattern.  My samples measure a little over 1 1/2 inches (28 count).

I used size 5 perle cotton, colour #168 for the center rhodes stitch and the inner section of the four corner squares.  The darker areas are stitched with size 5 perle cotton, colour #173.  For variety in texture, I stitched the tiny squares and part of a triangle with colour #168 in cotton floss.

Once I had completed my stitching I realized,  YES, I made a mistake –what else is new!  One of the squares is a rectangle – oh well, it’s a stitch “sample”.  Although I like it, I do see room for improvement in colour choices so tomorrow, I’ll show you what I did with the next sample – until then…..

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