needlepoint stitch samples, hand dyed perle cotton

My needlepoint stitch samples series journey continues.  If you missed the first post outlining this series you can find it here and ALL my samples are listed under “needlepoint – stitch samples” in my sidebar.

I decided to be a little less adventuresome today and go with a pattern.  This square is from Needledelights pattern “Calypso Squares“.  If you wish to purchase this pattern you can find it here or in your local needlework shop.  The outer border is stitched with a size 5 perle cotton colour #145.  The inner border is stitched with Rayon colour #7.  The central area is stitched with 6 strands of cotton floss colour #145.  This is accented with sparkle chainette colour #4 in purple.  The very center cross is stitched with Rayon colour #21.  More needlepoint stitch samples next week so stay tuned!

This stitch sample is one I’ve stitched several times now in various different colour combinations.  I’ve been practicing with my laying tool when using my floss, something I learned to do last year.  I remain somewhat awkward with it but I must admit I’m improving.  I love the appearance of floss when using this tool.

A plan is starting to form in my head of what I may end up doing with these – you’ll just have to wait and see 🙂

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