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I did several posts on needlepoint stitch samples in January and mentioned that my Rainforest Crunch project from last year inspired the idea.  After stitching a number of very small samples I decided I wanted to expand on the idea as a project for this year.

So, today I’m introducing my needlepoint stitch samples series.  I will be sharing several of these stitch samples every month throughout the year, all produced with a variety of both thread and colour combinations.  I will be learning new stitches along the way and experimenting with ALL the threads I offer in the shop.  This will give you a visual of how the colour combinations look when stitched and perhaps it just may give you an idea of a project for yourself.  Later in the year I will share what I will be “doing” with all these needlepoint stitch samples – you never know……

Some of the technical stuff!  All the squares are stitched on 18 count mono canvas.  Some are published patterns and others are a random selection of stitches from various books.  Most I’ll be making up as I go (this has already created some challenges for a newbie canvas worker).  I’ll be sharing sources when used.

In the spirit of Valentines Day, today is all about PINKS!  I must admit pink is not my most favourite colour combination but interestingly it is “growing on me”!  I started by stitching the outer border in a cashmere stitch variation in a size 5 perle cotton colour #144, a combination of fuchsia, purples, blues and wines.  This square is approximately 1 1/4 inches (25 count).  I filled the center with size 5 perle cotton colour #147 which is a very subtle blend of soft pinks to create a nice contrast.  This is an inner woven cross stitch from Ruth Schmuff/Kathy Holicky’s book “Stitches – Volume 1” which you will find on page 287.

There you go – want to join me!?

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