crazy quilting, hand dyed threadsToday is another section of my expanding medium dusty crazy quilt.  I have neglected mentioning previously that when I decided on the design for this project in early 2013 I chose a garden theme based on seed packets.  Each of my blocks contains an image of a vintage seed packet which you can see well in this section.  After much research on Etsy I found this digital sheet in this shop.

I started this area by creating and placing the three rose buds using hand dyed seam binding.  I finished all of these with a bead in the centre. I then randomly started adding leaves using a combination of detached chain stitches and ribbon stitches.  Once these were in place I further embellished with French knots in various sizes of silk ribbon and hand dyed silk thread.

Once all my silk ribbon work was completed, I found there was a gap in the upper left corner so I added the heart.  It is outlined in stem stitch using rayon thread and filled in with a size 8 hand dyed perle cotton in a lattice pattern.  I was very pleased with the results 🙂  I hope you may be inspired to give crazy quilting a try – so fun!

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