perle cotton, perle cotton embroidery thread, hand dyed perle cottonYou can imagine how thrilled I was to receive this in the mail earlier this fall.  Barb has created this lovely needlepoint gift using ALL my hand dyed perle cotton.  This is her original design – don’t you think it turned out fantastic!  I must admit, Barb has quite a lovely selection of my threads…..  She took the design as you go approach and wrote the following,

“Will be mounting it on the lid of a Sudberry House Simply Square box as a Christmas gift.  I think of this project as “Lorraine’s cats” for obvious reasons.  It was a simple, quick design, fun to stitch and very versatile.  I may well adapt the basic kitty head to some other configurations.  I’m not at all displeased with how it came out, but can easily spot where I would do some things differently next time.  I didn’t pre-plan colour placements particularly, just sort of grabbed and stitched as I went.  But a little pre-planning would have helped with balance of lights/darks, pinks/purples, blues/greens etc.”

perle cotton, needlepoint, hand dyed perle cottonHere she shows the Sudberry House Box.  Who wouldn’t want to receive this beauty under the Christmas tree!  Thanks so much for sharing Barb.  Perhaps this might give you an idea for a gift for next year!!!

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