hand dyed perle cottonDAY 9 of my “Ideas for a Colourful Christmas“.  These are my curtain ring wreaths.  I started with curtain rings I picked up at the thrift store ages ago (I knew they would come in handy one day).  They are quite small measuring about 1 inch in diameter but remember you could use any size ring for this project!  I used hand dyed size 5 perle cotton in the green one at the bottom.  These are similar in some respects to dorset buttons for those of you familiar with these.  I cut a long length of perle cotton and did buttonhole stitch around the ring ensuring the tails were caught in the stitching.  I added an additional loop at the top for a hanger.   I then used a small piece of cardstock and stamped “Merry Christmas” on the front.  Cut out the shape I wanted and inked the edges for an aged appearance.  I glued this in place on the bottom.

The middle curtain ring wreath is simply wrapped with sparkle chainette – no stitching involved.  I tied the thread in a loop at the top and added a bead.  The top curtain ring wreath is created with size 3 perle cotton – again buttonhole stitch to give you an idea of what a larger thread would look like.

Remember you could use any size you wanted for your ring – what about a small embroidery hoop to decorate the front door.  These could be hung on the tree as ornaments.  You could add this as a packaging idea – what about a monogram with the recipients initial.  AND you could use any size yarn – lots of ideas!  I sure hope you make some….

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