josephine 1A short story today.  It started with a phone call mid August from Joanne, one of my stitching friends.  She is at a local flea market/garage sale held in the summer months.  She tells me there is a booth selling perle cotton balls – do I want her to pick them up for me – how much is there – oh, a few bags – why not I say, I can use them for dyeing some samples – ok, I’ll drop them off shortly.  She arrives a very short time later with not one bag but MANY bags.  I ended up filling up 3 buckets to the brim in size 5, 8 and 12 perle cottons!  I will explain that when I dye up colour combinations I always retain a small sample, usually about 5 meters for future reference so this is what I anticipated I would use them for.

The very next day I read a very touching post on Vicki’s blog, “Letters from Africa“.  As they say, timing is everything!  Vicki had received a letter from Josephine in Uganda

“Dear Vicki,  I have found your name and contact from your blog “2 Bags Full.” My name is Josephine from Kampala Uganda.  I am a social worker working with children who are vulnerable and disadvantaged between the ages of 6-18 years.  The children are victims of physical and sexual abuse, children of young mothers and are living or affected with HIV and AIDS.”

After several letters it was decided that Vicki could assist Josephine by collecting donations of various supplies that would be sent to Josephine’s children.  Vicki writes “if you would like to touch the life of a child, please consider joining me in this mission“.
So I dyed up some of “my bucket of perles” which will be on the way to Africa shortly where it is my hope that I will inject some colour into the lives of these children.  As we celebrate Thanksgiving Day here in Canada today, this is a reminder of how thankful I should be 🙂
Vicki welcomes donations – you can read her full article here.  Thank you Vicki!  AND thank you Josephine for your no doubt tireless efforts!
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