wool applique, perle cottonA close-up today of some of my wool applique circles for my Woollies group sampler!  I was asked in my last post about the size of my circles.  These all range in size but the largest will likely not be larger than 3 inches in diameter.  The background on this one is green wool layered with a second layer of ivory colour wool – no cottons in this one!  The purple border are cast ons stitched with a size #5 perle cotton – you can find this colour way in the shop here.  I just love this purple combo – deep and rich!  The ivory wool looked rather stark and I pondered for some time what to do.  An easy fix was a lattice created with #5 perle cotton in a citrus blend – you can find this colour way in the shop here.  I stitched the lattice in place with very small stitches using a scrap of thread on the work table.  My plan is to continue stitching circles in varying sizes then randomly arrange these on a wool background.  I’ll stitch them in place then stitch around all the outer edges.  Not sure how I’ll stitch this one in place – will see.  Have you been bitten by the wool bug yet?! 🙂

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