silk threadIt is all about thread today.  These two samples were stitched by Janet Perry of Napa Needlepoint.  Janet was kind enough to write a lovely review on some of my threads on her blog last December prior to my changing my shop name to ColourComplements.  You can read about it here.  She talks about the silk perle which she used on the fish shown on the left, rayon for the flowers on the right and perle cotton for the vine on the right.

Janet did mention colour runs in her review and I wanted to elaborate a bit on this topic.  A colour run is the length of thread between two colours and mine are SHORT as she points out!  I specifically focus on this when I dye my threads which means far more variation in the colours from one stitch to the next.  Secondly, I like my colours to blend.  When you place two colour next to one another, there is always a third colour created from the blend of the two.

So, I spent the weekend in the dye studio with what else – thread and colour!  My favourite combination.  A quick shout out to those of you who not only read my blog but have signed up for my new newsletter.

Thank you Janet for a lovely review!


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