hand dyed, perle cottonI’ve mentioned before that I belong to a stitching group locally.  Last year one of the ladies showed us a project she had stitched on canvas using a wide variety of left over wools.  The following month she demonstrated how to complete the stitch which was my first real introduction to needlepoint.  At that point I was too busy to pursue anything further but I put the sample away and ended up pulling it out again last fall.  So began my research into needlepoint!  Well, I couldn’t believe the variety of patterns, stitches etc. out there.  During my travels I came across Kathy Rees of Needle Delights.  Several of her patterns appealed to me but I ended up purchasing Rainforest Crunch.

needle delightsThe pattern uses Caron Watercolours and while I thought it was gorgeous I decided to dye a palette specifically for this project.  I opted for bold colours (but of course, no surprise here).  I corresponded with Kathy who was most helpful in outlining the amount of each thread I likely would require.  I was then on my way in the dye studio and have been stitching since.  Thank you Kathy!

hand dyed, perle cotton

Rainforest Crunch is available directly through Needle Delights or at needlework shops.  The journey begins next week!  Anyone want to join me?  Stay tuned for a guest post on Friday.

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