perle cotton, DMC, purpleI would like to welcome all my followers, previous and new AND thank you to all the visitors I’ve seen over the last week.  I did manage to visit ALL of the 500 or so blogs participating in the Grow Your Blog Event and not surprisingly my following list has grown!  Beautiful blogs and wonderful inspiration.  Thank you Vicki for sponsoring this wonderful event!

Today is all about PURPLE.  Purple is defined as a range of hues between red and blue.  It is commonly associated with royalty, luxury and sophistication.  It is feminine and romantic.  In my most recent dyeing session, I decided to dye several different values and combinations of purples.  Above are the results – purple, grapes, red violets, blue violets and even a pastel variation.  I know, I couldn’t believe I did a pastel palette either BUT you can expect to see more in the future.  What can I say, I LOVE playing with colours.

All of these threads are available in my Shop.  All are perle cottons in either #12, #8 or #5 and some colour ways are featured in all three sizes.   In upcoming posts I will show you how I am using some of these colours.  I will be introducing a new 2014 project on Wednesday so stay tuned.


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